Kea exclusively practices the Classical Five Element Acupuncture tradition.  She focuses on the interconnections between the physical, emotional and spiritual issues in her clients’ lives.

Kea emphasizes the inherit health and resources within each of her clients. 

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Except for emergencies, Kea treats all conditions.  Kea works with individuals in all stages of life, and especially with anyone in transition.  She treats all life phases: from the small child, to the midlife crisis, to the dying process – from vibrant health to severe illness.  


Kea provides individually handcrafted holistic care.  She provides a unique blend of intelligence, love, and no-nonsense practicality.  She is 110% dedicated, and her approach is custom-made to each of her clients. 

To further assist the healing process, Kea also has other “tools in her tool belt.”  These include:

  • Moxa – “heat therapy” – warms, nurtures and tonifies
  • Custom-blended, mostly-organic botanical tinctures
  • Clinical nutrition (food as medicine)
  • Cupping & guasha
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Personalized lifestyle recommendations
Husband, Darren Huckle L.Ac., teaches at  Esalen Institute,  Big Sur, California.

Husband, Darren Huckle L.Ac., teaches at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California.

Kea’s work would not be complete without mentioning her husband, Darren Huckle.  Herbs and holistic health are a guiding mainstay in their home and family. Darren is a well-loved and respected community herbalist, educator, and advocate. When indicated, Kea will consult with and refer out to Darren for herbal and nutritional medicine.  Click here to learn more about Darren.


Kea provides dedicated attendance during the course of the entire treatment, a unique trait which is part of her “customized” and thorough approach to each client.


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Working with Kea, you are receiving a practitioner who abides by the principles that she gives to her clients.  You can most definitely say, she “walks her talk.” - S.M., Oakland