Kea has a passion for learning and a deep commitment to ongoing education. She seeks out excellent teachers who all share a deep, systematic and integrative knowledge of Life.

Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University

Post-graduate and Continued Advanced Clinical Training, Classical Five Element Acupuncture training with Khosrow Khalighi 

Faculty Member since 2006, Five Branches University, Five Elements Department Instructor

Bachelor of Arts, Women’s Studies and American Civilization, Brown University

Monastic Training, Zen Monastery Peace Center, year of silent residency

Yogic and Vedic Studies with Joan Shivarpita and Kofi Busia

Clairvoyant Studies, Center for Self Teaching, Walter Makichen

Mother and Wife, sons Jaxson and Niko, and husband Darren


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Kea is my Love-Life-Coach.  TL, Santa Cruz, CA

Kea is my Love-Life-Coach.  TL, Santa Cruz, CA

Kea’s clients describe her as approachable, charismatic and wise. 

With a grounded style, Kea connects with people in a real way, bringing her whole self to her work. 

She has a remarkable skill to heal.