Kea currently has a wait list for new patients.  Waiting times vary.

If you are interested in receiving care from Kea, you are highly encouraged to call (831) 247-7355 and put your name on her wait list.  Please leave a message providing:  1. Your contact information, 2. What you would like support with, and 3.Your general availability for treatment times.  Kea's voicemail is confidential.

Your Treatments: 

 Your initial visit will be 1 ½ - 2 hours in length.  This comprehensive opening interview and examination will help me discover all of your significant symptoms.  It also allows for time to do call and response testing and treatment with acupuncture.

Recommended Course Of Treatment

After your initial appointment, five weekly treatments (about 45 minutes each) are highly recommended to facilitate and experience optimal results.  This momentum can be very helpful and sometimes critical to gain headway so your improvements will hold from treatment to treatment.  Each person’s healing pace is unique.  You may experience positive results after your very first treatment.  The depth and length of history of the underlying condition are influential factors in your personal treatment protocol.  Additionally, your commitment to healing is a valuable component of recovery.  As soon as your balance is holding from one treatment to the next, we will extend the time between treatments.

Note: It is recommended that you book your five appointments during your first visit to accommodate both our schedules.


Seeing clients as already whole,  Kea has a   strength-based and life-affirming approach.